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Years ago, the thought of staying in the hospital less than a week was unimaginable after having total knee or total hip replacement, whereas now the typical length of stay is less than 3 days, with some patients having the option to leaving the same day. However, not everyone is a candidate for same day surgery. There are quite a few factors that your surgeon will evaluate and discuss with you to see if outpatient surgery is the right option. If your surgeon determines you are the right candidate, there are several advantages you can expect that make outpatient surgery the best option.

6 Benefits of Outpatient Surgery

Less Pain
You will not need a pain pump for self-administered medications or IV pain killers with outpatient surgery.
Instead, you’ll get a spinal injection that numbs you from the waist down for two hours. A long-lasting local anesthetic will help control your pain for up to two days afterward.

Lower Risk of Infection
Spending less time in the hospital lowers the chances of infection in your surgery site.

Fewer Blood Transfusions
Patients are less likely to need blood transfusions because of better surgical technique, better patient optimization, and the use of tranexamic acid transfusions; these factors also allow surgeons to perform hip and knee replacement procedures as an outpatient procedure.

Better Recovery at Home
Leaving the hospital means you get to recover and rest in the comfort of your own home. You’ll improve much better in a familiar environment where you’re more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

Physical Therapy Starts Immediately
A physical therapist begins working with you the day of surgery or within a day of you returning home. He or she will help you exercise to regain full function in the joint.

Outpatient total joint procedures can cost “roughly half as much” as inpatient procedure since you are only there a few hours.

Dr. Clint Morris understands the frustration of living with joint pain and the fear that accompanies it. Often, most put off calling to schedule an appointment with an Orthopedic surgeon because they think the only other option is surgery, since they have already gone through traditional treatments with their primary physician… Physical therapy, injections and/or prescription drugs. Dr. Morris encourages his patients to communicate their needs as detailed as they can, trusting that together, you and Dr. Morris will work as a team to come up with the best treatment option for your condition. As one of the top board certified Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine surgeons in the Texas Hill Country, you can rest assure that Dr. Morris is fully committed to addressing your joint pain and getting you back to doing the things you love.

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